Reviews from some of our satisfied clients!

"I have had facials there and loved the experience. The staff is friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Highly recommend."

Eileen K.

"Best place around. Great service to keep you looking your best!"

Lynne C., Stoughton, MA

"I absolutely love renew! From the moment I walked into the spa I was welcomed with friendly smiles and staff that were eager to help me. The spa was absolutely beautiful. I went for a different reason than most. As an RN and new to learning Botox injections, I reached out to Kristen to shadow her for the day to gain experience with Botox. I will say she is the most amazing injector I have met in this field! I can't thank her and her staff enough! All her patients that I encountered were thrilled with her expertise. She truly loves what she does."

Jennifer H., Stoughton, MA

"The best!!! Renew has an amazing talented group - offering innovative treatments that will improve the appearance of your skin! Great selection of products that really work for your individual skin type."

Denise K.

"I have been a client of Kristen Callanan for several years. My skin looks better now at 66 that it did when I was 50. Each session that I have had has been informational, educational and motivational! She has my highest endorsement."

Ray, Connecticut

"I can’t speak highly enough of this business, it’s employees and it’s services. From the moment I spoke to the highly knowledgeable owner I knew this was an establishment that understood sincere quality customer service. My facial and treatments were excellent. As someone who has been to many skin care businesses in Boston and New York, I can honestly say this center rivals the level of style and professionalism in any of the big cities.

My skin looked amazing right after and is even better today. I am very impressed with everyone here and recommend them highly!"

Jade, Stoughton

"I have known Kristen for about twelve years now. I can honestly say at my ripe age of 42 there are very few people in this world that I consider to be the words ‘Truly Honest’. Kristen Callanan is one of the them. I have worked for her, been a client of hers, and have been out in a casual setting with her. I have witnessed her speaking to other clients, co- workers, employees , friends and relatives. She always thinks about the kind of person she is dealing with before she answers a question so that no matter how truthful her answer maybe, it won’t come out in a hurtful or negative way. I’ve seen her turn business away for the sole purpose of truly caring about the client first and not just making money. She is a smart businesswoman and has an amazing way of dealing with all types of people. When you meet Kristen you feel as if you have just meet a long time friend. I only wish her the BEST of luck in her new company."

Jo Ann L., Sharon

"My husband had been to Kristen for botox injections and told me I should go. I was currently going to a high end, well known skin care center but the nurse doing the injections was rough and the procedure was usually painful. I tried Kristen and never went back. Kristen is gentle, very knowledgeable about her practice and always a pleasure to see!"

Tricia, Needham

"I travel all the way from New York City to have Kristen take care of my skin because not only do I get better results for half of what I’d pay in New York for the same services, but I also feel as though I get a more personal touch. She is always willing to take the time to talk to me about my skin issues, and to give me advice on how to get the best care for my skin and keep it looking fresh and youthful without looking like I had anything done."

Meg N., NYC

"Kristen is fabulous and I would highly recommend her!! She listens carefully, has a broad base of medical knowledge to draw from and years of experience. I know when I leave her office I am happy and excited because she takes 10 years off my age. Worth every penny!"

Susanne W.

"Kristen has been my esthetician for all of my spa needs for the last 4 years. I have always been extremely pleased with all of her services. She is professional, knowledgeable, and honest, and I would follow her anywhere. I am very comfortable knowing her services are the best. I have tried many different estheticians in the past but have not been satisfied. Kristen has made a client for life with me!"

Jennifer K., North Easton

"I hit my mid 40’s and I would look in the mirror and wonder who was this person looking back at me? She looked old, tired and worn but I didn’t feel old, tired and worn. I felt great. I had just lost a lot of weight, I was going to the gym regularly, eating healthy, and my career was going in a new and exciting direction. Something had to be done so that my physical appearance reflected how great I felt inside.

I had known Kristen for a couple of years and I knew I wanted her help. We sat down and discussed in detail what my expectations were and what was necessary to achieve my goals. I didn’t mind looking my age; I just wanted to look good for my age! Kristen understood perfectly. She took detailed notes and made suggestions for my first treatment.

I can tell you, I was nervous the first time. Kristen understood this and helped me to relax. She explained what I would experience during the procedure and regularly asked during the process if I was ok. She created a warm and relaxing environment just by being herself. Before I knew it I was finished. Kristen gave me detailed after-care instructions and I was on my way home. Always the professional, Kristen called me the next day to check up on me.

I was amazed at the results! Kristen has an expert hand and an artist eye. The treatment was exactly what I wanted plus I looked better than I could have hoped. My face looked healthy and refreshed. It was just the touch I needed. The ultimate compliment came from my husband a week later. I was leaving for work and he stopped me. He looked at me and said “you look beautiful today, there’s a glow about you.” Finally my outside matched my inside. Thank you Kristen!"

Maria, Bridgewater