Our high performance microdermabrasion device, the DermaPod by Silhouet-Tone®, is a complete Age Management Center. The DermaPod is a Multiple Technology System consisting of: Microdermabrasion PLUS an array of complementary technologies including Impulse Micro-Currents, Transdermal Delivery (of serums or ampoules) and Photobiostimulation using LEDs.*

Microdermabrasion is a projection of natural mineral crystals onto the skin to remove epidermal cells and flaws that occur on the skin surface. By removing layers of the epidermis, microdermabrasion triggers the skin’s natural repair mechanism, prompting the skin to produce more collagen and elastin proteins, while improving surface flaws, refining pores, and accelerating skin renewal to reveal brighter, clearer, and more evenly toned skin. Targeting fine lines, ingrown hairs, active acne, acne scarring, sun damage and hyperpigmentation, the DermaPod produces immediate visible results after the first treatment.*

A series of 6 treatments is recommended.

Microdermabrasion: Face & Neck 45 minutes $130
Microdermabrasion: Face & Neck

Series of 3

with Chemical Peel 60 minutes $165
with Facial 75 Minutes $180
Microdermabrasion: Face, Neck & Decollette 60 Minutes $165
Microdermabrasion: Face, Neck & Decollette Series of 3 $415
Microdermabrasion with 30 min DF

60 Minutes

Microdermabrasion with 60 min DF

90 Minutes

Microdermabrasion with 90 min DF

120 Minutes

Upper Back Microdermabrasion

45 Minutes

Lower Back Microdermabrasion

45 Minutes

Full Back Microdermabrasion

75 Minutes

KineLift LED Microdermabrasion 75 Minutes $220
PureLight LED Microdermabrasion 75 Minutes $190
PhotoBleaching LED Microdermabrasion 75 Minutes $185
for Stretch Marks & Scars 30 Minutes $100
for Stretch Marks & Scars Series of 3 $250

The Elite Microdermabrasion & Ultrasonic Power Treatment

This superior combination facial treatment utilizes both Microdermabrasion and the three-phase system of Ultrasonic therapy to safely and effectively address numerous skin issues including acne, rosacea, skin discoloration, sun damage, clogged and enlarged pores, ingrown hairs, uneven skin tone, and overall age management. This advanced treatment is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin while producing maximum immediate results. Proven to exfoliate, plump, tone, hydrate, and lift the face, this advanced treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, refines skin texture, firms and tightens the skin, lightens pigmentation and improves clarity. Now that’s power!*

90 minutes | $240

KineLift LED Treatment

This non-invasive skin renewal process uses Photobiostimulation along with Modulated Micro-Currents to control the aging process by stimulating the epidermis, dermis and muscles. This three-dimensional facial stimulation process lifts sagging muscles to tighten facial contour, and stimulates collagen and ATP production to fight the signs of aging. Long term improvements and immediate visible results are easily obtained when this treatment is combined with Microdermabrasion.  During treatments, two lifting electrodes are activated, each having 40 powerful red LEDs at 640 nm.  At the same time, micro-currents are transmitted through the prongs of the electrodes, lifting and toning the muscles.*  Each treatment includes three important phases:

Phase 1: Lymphatic drainage and oxygenation of the skin (5 minutes)

Phase 2: Lifting and dermal rejuvenation (10 minutes)

Phase 3: Targeted lifting for problem areas (10 minutes)

Phase 1 

During this phase, Light Energy and Micro-Currents are used within special parameters to increase both lymphatic and blood circulation, to evacuate waste material and lymphatic fluid at a faster pace.  This intense circulation also oxygenates the skin from within and prepares both skin tissue and muscle for the lifting phase.*

Phase  2

While the Light Emitting Diodes are at work, Micro-Currents are transmitted through the lifting electrodes.  Micro-Currents harmonize with the natural bio-electrical currents found in the body.  They re-construct muscle tissue achieving visible lifting results, restoring facial contour and slowing the aging process.*

Phase 3

During this phase, intended for mature skin showing deeper wrinkles, a special current modulation is used to target the problem areas.

Treatments must be performed on healthy skin that is free of pathogens, infections, or inflammatory conditions. Any medical problem must be referred to a physician. Treatments should not be performed on clients who are pregnant, Epileptic, have Lupus Erythematosus, a pacemaker or metallic inserts, Insulin dependent diabetes, Cancer, skin illnesses such as open wounds or dermatitis, auto-immune illness, sensitivity to light, take photo-sensitive drugs, have used Accutane within 3 months of treatment, or have photo-sensitivity disorders.*

30 minutes | $75

Series of 3 | $185

PureLight LED Treatment

This effective acne clearing treatment features magenta light, favored for its purifying and antibacterial properties. This acne fighting wavelength is used to clear blemishes as it soothes and calms the sebaceous glands. The PureLight inhibits the growth and spread of acne and eliminates redness associated with the use of aggressive products.*

Acne vulgaris is one of the world’s most common skin conditions resulting from the obstruction, bacterial colonization, and inflammation of the sebaceous follicles.  It affects between 85-100% of adolescents under the age of 24 years and is present in up to 50% of adults over 25 years.  Acne stems from an abnormal amount of bacteria, mainly Propionibacterium acnes (P.acne), resulting in an inflammatory condition.  The P.acne bacterium produces a metabolic product named Porphyrin.  When exposed to blue light, Porphyins produce singlet oxygen which kills the bacteria responsible for acne.  Unlike Lasers and Intense Pulse Light devices, PureLight targets bacteria without thermally affecting the surrounding tissues, therefore sebaceous glands will return to their natural state.  PureLight therapy is both natural and non-invasive.*

Depending on the severity of the area being treated, a series of 6 to 12 treatments may be necessary.  For faster results, Light Therapy can be performed one to three times per week.  A light redness may be present at the end of the treatment and can last for 30-90 minutes.  Non-comedogenic products can be applied immediately after treatments.  Performing a Microdermabrasion prior to Light Therapy is strongly recommended.  After experiencing PureLight Treatments, clients report skin that looks invigorated and has improved texture, tone, and diminished sebum secretions.*

Treatments must be performed on healthy skin that is free of pathogens, infections, or inflammatory conditions.  Any medical problem must be referred to a physician.  Treatments should not be performed on clients who are Epileptic, have Lupus Erythematosus, have auto-immune illness, sensitivity to light, take photo-sensitive drugs, have used Accutane within 3 months of treatment, or have photo-sensitivity disorders.*

30 minutes | $75

Series of 3 | $185

PhotoBleaching LED Treatment

PhotoBleaching targets your pigment problems such as purple acne scars, liver spots, and melasma. This treatment decreases melanin production by 40-60% and stimulates the breakdown of melanin deposits in the epidermal layers, delivering astonishing hyperpigmentation reduction.*

Age or liver spots (lentigines) are small, flat pigmented spots, similar to freckles, which are mostly seen on sun exposed skin on those over age 40.  These benign acquired melanocytic lesions are usually light to dark brown and do no change in color as freckles do upon sun exposure.  Freckles are areas where the melanocytes (pigment-making cells) are more active and responsive to UV radiation then in neighboring skin.  Age spots may occur anywhere but usually appear on sun exposed skin, such as the face, shoulders, neck, ears, and back on hands, as a result of sun damage.

Hyperpigmentation is also sometimes seen during pregnancy; in a condition called melasma.  This increased pigmentation is due to the influence of estrogen, progesterone, and melanocyte-stimulating hormones, causing blotches of pigmentation to appear on the face or sun exposed areas.  The pigment seen in melasma usually goes away within several months of delivery, however, PhotoBleaching, skin lightening products, and Microdermabrasion can be used to treat this condition.

Combining Microdermabrasion with PhotoBleaching treatments and skin lightening products will help produce maximum results.  For faster results, PhotoBleaching may be performed once every two weeks. Depending on the severity of the area treated, a series of eight to twelve treatments may be necessary.*  The PhotoBleaching LED Treatment includes three important steps:

Step 1: Stimulating photo receptors using constant light.

Step 2: Light massage using pulsating light to trigger repair mechanism.

Step 3: Constant light stimulating PhotoBleaching action on the melanosomes.

30 minutes | $75

Series of 3 | $185


*Results may vary from person to person after treatment.